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Please provide a 3-sentence response/comment to each post, which is a total of 6 sentences. Please keep both separate on the same page but different paragraph. Also watch out for errors, punctuation and grammar.

Post 1

Under its “Ads of the World,” Toyota presented a television commercial in 2011 highlighting the quality and dependability of its vehicles. In this Spanish-speaking ad, an owner of an older Toyota finds an envelope tucked away in the back seat, with a note inside from the prior owner. We then see each prior owner returning to the owner before them, with the same note. It reveals several owners of the particular car, ending with an older woman throwing the note at her husband as she is clearly irked that they sold the car many years beforehand. This traditional advertisement highlights the family orientation of the culture, with a long-lasting commitment to quality.

In magazine and television advertising in Israel, Toyota uses a 26-year-old Ukrainian-born male model. The advertisement reveals a person, who appears to be female, in a red dress near a new Toyota. The person’s face is attractive and feminine, but as the person reaches the car, he turns around to reveal that he is not a female. The ad is considered “shocking” and I would argue that this is exactly the intent. Israel, being a modern democratic nation, may be a target market for this kind of ad but, in the more traditional and religious cultures of the Middle East, I do not think you would find this ad anywhere.

In a recently released multi-media advertising campaign in Australia, Toyota is highlighting its commitment to innovation in alternate fuel technologies, including fuel cell-powered vehicles. The purpose of the ad is to show the environmental purpose, but also to highlight Toyota’s commitment to quality and reliance upon ever-improving technologies for a “cleaner future for all.” The campaign appeals to youthful and family buyers and is in line with newer strategies in developing environmentally friendly automobiles, consistent with Australia’s move towards reduction of carbon emissions.

Junkie, A. A. (2021, July 19). Toyota Reaches for a Cleaner Future in New Campaign. Branding in Asia Magazine. (Links to an external site.)

Toyota- Letter – Ads of the World™ best film

Post 2 

Rolex is an international brand that says luxury. They are a Swiss made timepieces and can take up to year to just make one. Japan, Paris, and Italy are just a few countries where consumers recognize the crown in print, billboards, commercials & other various digital platforms. Rolex advertises to the sports enthusiasts as the watches are waterproof, technical, reliable, and made well to sustain any sport, they are rugged but elegant. The brand also advertises to the adventurer, explorer, and hard worker.  Sport/athlete stars, movie stars, musicians, super models, and people with power all grace their ads in all these different countries. Rolex uses the same ads in many different countries as most countries can relate to ads with famous people or champions which typically fill their ad space. The ads are simple but impactful, showing the consumer you could be like these people or if you love these sports, you could be like these stars or even if you work on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean … well you deserve one.

It doesn’t just tell time it tells a story, A crown for every achievement, Precision style strength spirit, Change the world. We leave that to the people who wear them are all tag lines you see in their ads. There is even one that advertises Ernesto “Che” Guevara in Central America ads that use “A Time for Revolution” as the tag line. A country’s culture can have significant effect on ethical perspectives (Ogden & Ogden, 2014. Chp 11.3). Rolex ads stand out as it is suggested by Clow and Baack (2012) the use of celebrities could capture and keep the audience’s attention. Rolex is global and they find ways to create ads that can be used in all countries but also specific to the country. Obviously, they are doing a great job at advertising, product placement and sponsorships as they have been around since 1905.


Clow, K. E., & Baack, D. (2012). Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

Ogden, J. R., & Ogden, D. T. (2014). Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, and More (1st ed.). Bridgepoint Education.

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