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Describing Data Graphically And Numerically

Describing Data Graphically And Numerically

Describing Data Graphically and Numerically

Project Description:

The present study shows data for sales of different sports equipment in 2017 in a sports supplies store. The sales are provided per month. We will identify the type of data for different variables and their measurement levels. We will analyze the data numerically using measures of central tendency (mean, median, minimum and maximum) and variability (range, interquartile range, standard deviation and variance). We will construct a frequency table and investigate the relationship between variables by analyzing the correlation. We will also represent the data graphically by using line charts and pie charts.






Use a cell reference or a single   formula where appropriate in order to receive full credit. Do not copy and   paste values or type values, as you will not receive full credit for your   answers.
Start Excel. Download and open the workbook named:
Describing   Data Graphically and Numerically Start



In merged cells D11-E11, select   the data type of “Equipment ID”.



In merged cells D12-E12, select   the data type of “sales for each month”.



In merged cells D13-E13, select   the data type of “Equipment”.



In cells O3 through O8, find the   total sales for each equipment.
Hint: Highlight the range C3:N8 and click the Quick Analysis Button that   appears on the lower right corner then click on the totals tab and use the   second Sum function.


In cells C9 through N9, find the   total sales for each month. In cell O9, find the total sales for the year.
Hint: Use the sum shortcut; click on cell C9 and then on your keyboard press   ALT then press =.


In cells P3 through P9, insert   Sparklines.
Hint: Click on cell P3, go to Insert Sparklines Line. Use the data   range C3:N3.


In cell D17, choose the correct   conclusion from the dropdown menu based on the line in cell P9.



In cell D18, find the average   sales per month in 2017.



In cell D19, find the median   sales per month in 2017.



In merged cells D20-E20, choose   the correct answer from the dropdown menu based on the answers in cells D18   and D19.



In cell D21, find the minimum   sales per month in 2017.



In cell D22, find the maximum   sales per month in 2017.



In cell D23, find the range of   sales per month in 2017.



In cells D24 and D25, find Q1   and Q3, respectively, for the sales per month in 2017.



In cell D26, find the   interquartile range per month in 2017.



In cells D27 through D31, find   the five-number summary for the sales per month in 2017.



In cell D32, find the standard   deviation in sales per month in 2017.



In cell D33, find the variance   in sales per month in 2017.



In cell F35 through F40,   construct a frequency table for the total sales in 2017 for each piece of   equipment.



In merged cells E41-F41, find   the correlation between “Balls” sales and “Goals” sales.



In merged cells E42-F42, find   the correlation between “Nets” sales and “Rods and   tackles” sales.



In merged cells D43-F43, choose   the correct answer from the dropdown menu based on the correlation values.



In merged cells D44-H44, choose   the correct answer from the dropdown menu based on the correlation values.



Insert a recommended line chart   using the range A2 through N8. Change the chart title to “Monthly Sales   per Equipment”. Resize the chart to fit in the range A46 through G56.
Hint: Highlight the range A2:A8 then press control and highlight C2:N8 then   go to the Insert tab and click recommended chart and then line chart.


Insert a 3D pie chart using the   range A2:A8 and O2:O8. Remove the legend and display the data labels in the   center showing the category name and percentage. Add a chart title “Total   Sales in 2017”. Resize the chart to fit in the range A58 through G68.



Save your file and submit for   grading.

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