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Create 8-10 Sentence Paragraphs For Each Of The 7 Following Subjects

Create 8-10 Sentence Paragraphs For Each Of The 7 Following Subjects

Creative 8-10 sentence paragraphs for the following subjects; cannot not have direct quotes from an organization (World Wildlife Fund or organizations).

Paragraphs need to establish how each company helped with the noted project and how well the outcome is. I’ve included some reference below the Company name and subject title.

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. — Establishing the Wolakota Buffalo Range with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota
(The  Rosebud Economic Development Corporation (REDCO), the  economic development arm of the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Government in South  Dakota,is partnering with WWF to establish the Wolakota Buffalo Range  with a herd of 1,500 bison. This will be the largest tribally owned and  managed herd in North America ranging on 27,680 acres of tribal land in  the South Dakota Sandhills. Together, we have a prime opportunity to  contribute to environmental and social justice for Rosebud tribal  members in Todd County South Dakota, which is among the 20 poorest  counties in the country. REDCO, the organization leading this project,  is the largest tribal employer on the Rosebud Reservation. Returning  bison successfully to tribal lands after more than a century since their  extermination is righting a social and environmental injustice, but  will require strategic investment rarely available to tribes’ who are  under served and suffer discrimination when seeking access to capital.  This project aligns with traditional perspectives, community interests,  economic development, and positive conservation outcomes)

Facebook — Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online
(Coalition  to End Wildlife Trafficking Onlinee, technology, and social media  companies have joined forces to shut down online marketplaces for  wildlife traffickers. The Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online  brings together companies from across the world in partnership with  wildlife experts at WWF, TRAFFIC, and IFAW for an industry-wide approach)

UPS Foundation — EFN – Tropical Forests Restoration and Reforestation (2016 — )
(Forests  are vital to humans and wildlife, providing critical ecosystem  services. Nearly 1.6 billion people depend on forests and forest  resources as their source of livelihoods; yet, nearly half of the global  forests have been cleared or are degraded. When carefully planned,  forest restoration and reforestation activities can provide  environmental services to the local community and develop new habitats  in formerly bare areas. WWF supports local organizations to conduct  trainings for communities currently undertaking forest restoration and  reforestation programs and projects. For more than 20 years, the WWF  Education for Nature Program (EFN) program has been providing  Reforestation Grants to support non-governmental organizations,  community groups, national parks, and educational institutions to plant  500,000 trees)

Discovery — Project CAT/Bikin
( created a widget for use in conjunction with the website and a text to donate platform to raise  funds for WWF’s Tx2 work.  The call to action for text to donate is  currently planned to be included on In Program Messaging (IPM) for  Animal Planet)

Johnson & Johnson — Advancing Forests, Climate and Human Health in Thirty Hills, Sumatra
(Through this collaboration in Thirty Hills, J&J will be securing the  effective management of the concession, protecting 38,665  acres of  rainforest that would likely otherwise be converted to oil palm, pulp or  rubber plantations, and maintaining an essential buffer zone for carbon  stocks and biodiversity in the neighboring Bukit Tigapuluh National  Park. Preventing further deforestation, minimizing human-wildlife  conflict, and supporting livelihoods that do not intensify  livestock-wildlife interactions all serve to reduce the risk of  spillover of zoonotic diseases and incidence of vector-borne zoonoses,  while increasing community resilience to climate change and previous  forest loss.)

The Kroger Co. Foundation —  Zero Hunger | Zero Waste – Wild Classroom – Food Waste Warrior  (school program aimed at providing environmental curriculum for  elementary school students. The program features a stand-alone food  waste curriculum that we believe is an excellent fit for the Kroger  Foundation)

Google — Leadership Summit for Climate, Wood & Forests Sponsorship
(​In convening a Leadership Summit for Climate, Wood and Forests,  WWF’s overarching goal is to advance forest stewardship, restoration and  conservation in North America. Google will publicly recognize Google as  a Summit sponsor at the event, on the Summit website, and in related  communications.)

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